About Us

It's one thing to build and engineer the product.
It's quite another to build a team and process on shared values that takes the product far and wide.

About Us

What's the mission
behind SalesCloud?

Our mission is to build & innovate new sales solutions for small & medium sized businesses across all industries and release them at affordable prices.

We provide these solutions as best in class software in one subscription bundle.

Our Values

The values that hold us true and to account


If you have to explain something it is not simple enough. We use this approach in all aspects.

Hard Work

We regularly work 16 hour days for long periods of time to deliver for our customers.


Every team member is their best in their field and could work for anyone but choose to work for us.


We are constantly rethinking and adapting new technologies to the benefit of our customers.

Our Offices

We’re waiting for you! Come and visit us.

Our growth mission is to open more offices across europe in 2021 as the covid situation settles. Want us in your country? Please reach out and let us know.

Borgartun 25, 6th floor
Reykjavik, 105


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